Hai Phong - A wonderful city

Over one hundred years of existence and development, Hai Phong city has several cultural heritage which consists of a harmonious blend of classical European style, mystical Asian style. This combination creates a unique beauty of Hai Phong, which is both elegant and powerful. 
Hai Phong City is one of the most important destinations due to the main international waterway. Today, Hai Phong is still one of the five biggest cities under the central government. This is seen as an advantage for the city due to the protection and the maintaining of its style and construction left from its previous French influence. This French design can be seen in a variety of districts within Hai Phong such as; Hong Bang, Le Chan, and Ngo Quyen Districts. For over one hundred year, the old-style streets, beautiful building architecture and the many amazing stories behind it all will leave you charmed and amazed