Useful tips to travel to Bach Long Vi Island, Hai Phong, Viet Nam

Being named with "White Dragon Tail", Bach Long Vi Island not only plays an important role in sea sovereignty, but also be a attractive tourist destination in Hai Phong. If you have come to Hai Phong, Bach Long Vi Island is a place that you have to come to visit, especially for those who love adventure on the sea island. In this article, UHMBooking will share the travel guide of Bach Long Vi Island for those who are intending to travel here.
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What’s Bach Long Vi Island?

Bach Long Vi is a district of Hai Phong city and be the most remote island in the Gulf of Tonkin. Bach Long Island is 110 kilometers from the island and located on one of the eight largest fishing grounds in the bay. Bach Long Vi Island plays a significant role in the economic development strategy as well as security and defense of Vietnam Sea.
Like other places in Vietnam, Bach Long Vi Island has its own legend. Long ago, there was a group of dragons flying from the sky to Hai Phong Sea. Some baby dragons lied on the land of Haiphong today which becomes the Cat Ba archipelago. The remaining dragons located in the sea of Quang Ninh, which is Ha Long Bay nowadays. The tail of the mother dragon is Bach Long Vi Island and is compared to the pearl in the East Sea, implying that this is a precious land, which should be preserved by Vietnam nation.
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The best time to travel to Bach Long Vi Island?

Bach Long Vi has two main seasons: the rainy season from May to August and the dry season from October to March of the following year. The rainy season is hot and humid; the rainfall is rather inconvenient while the dry season is less rainy but quite cold. April to September is the transition month between these two seasons, the average temperature is about 23.3 Celsius degrees and these are the most favorable months to visit the Bach Long Vi Island because the temperature is not too high and the air is very cool and comfortable.
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Transportation to Bach Long Vi Island?

The fastest way to get to that island is to traveling by Bach Long speeding boat, from Bính pier, Hai Phong City. It takes a total of 7 hours to reach the island. As the time to reach the island is quite long, if unfortunately you encounter the storm on the way, immediately turn around to the land for safety. Before the trip, you need to study the weather clearly to avoid the bad weather, which affects to the safety as well as limits your experience about the trip.

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The best experience which could not be ignored at Bach Long Vi Island

Arrive at Bach Long Vi Island, you can stroll around the coast to feel the idyllic, unspoiled archipelago. The stretching white sand with the sound of the surfing waves bring a good mental relaxation and calm your soul effectively.
Besides, you can hold small parties beside the coast at the late afternoon. A good seafood dinner beside the sea with the sound of gentle guitar will certainly be your unforgettable experience. Spend your day watching the sky shimmer, the fishing boat; watching the color of coral will bring you various exciting experiences. Let’s come to Bach Long Vi Island to get away from the busy city’s life, watch the beauty of nature, breathe in clear air mixed salty sea and feel the life of coastal people.
Hope the above tips will help you have a useful journey. Do not hesitate any longer, take your backpack and discover the Bach Long Vi Island, to feel the wildness but attraction that the creativity has given to Vietnam country.